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Geigex Gi-01 Nuclear Radiation Detector

Product Code: Geigex Gi-01
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Geigex Gi-01 Nuclear Radiation Dosimeter is an alternative product currently in stock while SOEKS resumes manufacturing. The Geigex is specifically selected due to being a compact portable device for detecting invisible and harmful radiations. This incredible performance dosimeter provides fast and accurate radiation measurements. Geigex is the best seller dosimeter from our product range due to its reliability, sensitivity, portability and affordability. 

Geigex personal radiation detector

Awareness is a part of assuring health and safety

Geigex G1-01 is the perfect solution for fast, discreet and accurate radiation detection.
  • Outstanding detection range - 0.01 μSv/h ~ 10 mSv/h
  • Instant, high-sensitivity detection of Gamma,
  • X-Ray and invisible radiation
  • Clear LCD measurement display. Shows live exposure dose, accumulated dose, date/time.
  • Manually set dosage thresholds & get alarmed when radiation levels exceed the limit.
  • Small and compact, designed for discreet, easy, convenient use
  • Working time of 500 hours on 2 AAA batteries (included) 

The Geigex Gi-01 personal radiation detection sensor is Ideal for:

Medical professionals & Patients

Are you worried about using X-rays and CT/CAT scans often? Medical professionals are frequently exposed to many kinds of radiation to diagnose a patient's condition. Geigex Gi-01 can help them to be aware of radiation exposure.


Pilots & Flight attendants

Flight routes closer to the pole are likely to give employees a large amount of radiation.


Radiation researchers

Do you want to know or check if your surroundings are safe?


Daily Usage

Have you ever wondered exactly how safe you are from radiation every day?


Related industry workers

Protect yourself and other employees from the unpredictable level of radiation at work.



Plan your travel to stay out of radioactive areas.


  • Shows exposure dose, accumulated dose, date/time on display.
  • Gives off an alarm when values go over the set limit.
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries for 500 hrs.
  • One button for all settings: Real-time reading > Accumulated dose > Clock

           Geigex hand holding


Specifications of Geigex Gi-01

Geigex Gi-01 Nuclear Radiation Dosimeter is a compact, portable device for detecting invisible and harmful radiations. This incredible performance dosimeter provides fast and accurate radiation measurements. Geigex is the best seller Dosimeter from our product range due to its reliability, portability and affordability. 

Dose level 0.01 μSv/h ~ 10 mSv/h
Total dose accumulation 0.001 μSv ~ 999 Sv
Alarm volume 60dB at 10cm
Battery type

Battery: 2 AAA batteries

Battery usage
once fully charged
About 30 days on power saver mode. Power saver mode comprises a continuous 3-second screen flicker with 1-second display

53.5 x 44.3 x 21.3 (mm)

1.74 x 2.1 x 0.84 (inch)

Weight 60 g  (2.1 oz)
Working environment Temp.: 0 ~ 40°C / Humi.: 20 ~ 90%RH

The package includes:

  • Geigex Gi-01

  • 2 AAA Batteries

  • Protective silicon case and metal clip

  • Manual


Scintillation Sensor 

Featuring cutting-edge technology, and a patented scintillator. A solid-state sensor is one of the major innovations that enable Geigex's powerful properties. 

  • Solid state scintillator has higher density levels compared to gas-filled GM Tubes, making the dosimeter super compact and lightweight.
  • Thanks to its high density, the scintillator has a high reaction probability, resulting in fast measurement.
  • Developed by a team, formed at Melbourne University, in collaboration with global leading scientists in nuclear technology 
  • State-of-the-art technology scintillation sensor,SSM-P2, is capable of precise measurement (min measurable value: 0.09μSv/h. Value changes by 0.001μSv/h)

Geigex actual size

Geigex actual size with standard credit card


Q. What value is considered “safe”?

A. Background radiation is radiation that is always present in the environment around us from outer space, minerals, etc.
The amount of background radiation differs from region to region, but the world average is 2.4mSv/year.
Therefore, the average background radiation is 0.27µSv/h.
Exposure to radiation might not bring immediate harm, but years of accumulation can result in serious problems. It is strongly recommended to get out of environments that show extreme radioactivity.

Q. The value comes out way higher than expected. What’s going on?

A. Exposure dose may come out higher than average if there is radioactive matter nearby or if you are in a contaminated region.

Other reasons might be that you are travelling high altitude areas or flying in the sky. The atmosphere protects us from radiation from the sun and outer space. As you go up, the atmosphere above becomes thinner, and less radiation can be screened.


Q. Can I measure the radiation of foods and beverages with Geigex Gi-01?

A. Geigex measures radiation straight from the air, but it cannot measure that of food and drinks.
It is only possible on special occasions when surface pollution is very high by using gamma-ray detection. Alpha-ray and beta-ray are not taken into account.


Q. Can I bring it on flights?

A. Geigex is allowed on flights. It uses two AAA batteries and the alarm sound can be adjusted
Geigex in pouch


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