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3Soeks Ecotester
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6Dangerouus Nitrates in Fruits Vegetables and Meats
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 4Electromagnetic Field Cell Phone Radiation Detection
2Detect Beta Gamma X Ray Radiation
5New Radiation Detector Geiger Counter Dosimeter PRIME

About Us

SOEKS was founded in January 2008 in Russia and is now a major developer and manufacturer of state of the art and innovative measuring equipment. Montre Australia (SOEKS AUSTRALIA - is the authorised distributor in Australia. We are featured on

SOEKS AUSTRALIA - SOEKS.COM.AU offers an agreement with the manufacturer in Russia. We are the only distributor in Australia for the coverage of SOEKS 2-Year warranty on all products that are officially purchased via or our new eBay store (BigSeaMall).

SOEKS AUSTRALIA is based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide our customers with the best and affordable Nuclear Radiation detectors. Our products has been the preferred personal Geiger Muller counters and radiation detectors in Australia. The recent concerns with nuclear radiation leaks at our neighbouring Fukushima plant led to an increase in demand for radiation detectors. We also supply Soeks products to research labs, universities, schools and hospitals across Australia.  

Products Overview

SOEKS-PRIME is used to estimate the level of nuclear radiation and the level of ionizing radiation, namely Gamma and Beta particles, and also X-rays.

Soeks Defender is an upgrade of the 01M. The Defender is ideal for the measurement of the background radiation as well as cumulative dose. It is used for the detection of nuclear radiation in objects, food and building materials.

Soeks Ecotester is designed for the analysis of nitrates content in fresh fruits and vegetables.  The probe also has a build-in Geiger Miller tube for the detection of nuclear radiation (equivalent to Soeks 01M).

Soeks Quantum is made for professionals requiring high precision readings for sensitive radiation level. It is equipped with two GM tube and the Quantum is programmed to collect cumulative dose of gamma and beta particles, as well as allowance for the detection of X-Rays