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Soeks Impulse Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Indicator

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Measures EMF Radiation at home and outside. Detects cell phone radiation, PC radiation, TV radiation, microwave radiation, etc.

The indicator of electromagnetic field (EMF) “Impulse” is made for detection and localization of dangerous electromagnetic field zones.

- The rate of measureable fields from 20 Hz to 2 kHz

- 3 sensors of magnetic field and 2 sensors of electric field, every sensor makes a measurement in its axis

- 2D/3D diagram direction, thanks to that the source of electromagnetic radiation can be defined

- the indicator shows the rates of outgoing signals, that helps to define the origin of the radiation

- displaying of electromagnetic activity history for the last minute

- sound alarm when it reaches the fixed level of radiation

- works from two AAA batteries or from AAA accumulators and also from USB

Indicator of the magnetic and electric fields “Impulse”.


The Soeks Impulse Electromagnctic Field (EMF) Intensity Meter is intended for:

  • Express analysis of electromagnetic fields in various living spaces, residential areas and PCs
  • Detection of electromagnetic radiation sources
  • Localization of hidden electric wiring (in walls, furniture, etc.)
  • Identifying the most favorable residential areas for humans and animals alike

During the measurement of electromagnetic fields in living spaces, residential areas and from PCs, threshold levels that trigger an audible alarm and the display of information are automatically set in compliance with standard regulations.

The measurement is carried out along two orthogonal axes (X, Y) for electric fields and along three axes (X, Y, Z) for magnetic fields.

The Soeks Impulse is an advanced May 2012 model boasting flawless performance and a high speed of operation. Typical EM meters are very sophisticated and measure a single field at a time (magnetic or electric). 
The Soeks Impulse, on the other hand, allows you to analyze two fields at once and displays both magnetic and electric backgrounds in the form of a 3D diagram. It has the capacity to display an X,Y plane for electric fields and X,Y,Z plane for magnetic fields.
The device features an alert sound and message display functionality to warn of high EM field intensity. To test this simply bring the device close to a wireless router, a laptop, or a mobile device while making a call. You will instantly be able to see the EM level of such hardware and gauge whether or not they pose a potential health hazard.

An EM meter is a good way of protecting yourself and your family from the potential dangers posed by our modern hi-tech age. Such a device is invaluable to anyone living in or around areas such as: electric plants, high-tension lines, military facilities, airports, space observatories, manufacturing plants, scientific or other research institutions, big cities, or in the case of possessing a large number of technological devices that are constantly in use in your immediate proximity throughout your everyday life.
EM fields are not visible to a human eye and cannot be detected with anything short of an EM detector, which in turn must be harmless for your health, for your children and for the elderly.


Soeks Impulse




Device version

NUC-078 V4

Measurable electromagnetic field frequency
range, Hz

from 20 to 2,000

Measurement range of magnetic field 
(magnetic induction) intensity amplitude
along X, Y, Z axes, A/m (uT)

from 0.04 to 12
(from 0.05 to 15)

Measurement range of magnetic field
(magnetic induction) intensity mean square
value, A/m (uT)

from 0.08 to 20
(from 0.10 to 25)

Maximum permissible relative error of
measurement of magnetic field intensity, %


Hardware nonlinearity of measurement of
magnetic field intensity in the measurement
range for test magnetic field of 50 Hz in
frequency, not more than, %


Measurement range of electric field
intensity amplitude along X, Y, Z axes, V/m

from 10 to 1,000

Maximum permissible relative error of
measurement of electric field intensity, %


Hardware nonlinearity of measurement of
electric field intensity in the measurement
range for test magnetic field of 50 Hz in
frequency, not more than, %


Measurement rate, samples per second



Rechargeable batteries or AAA batteries

Overall dimensions height x width x thickness, mm.


Products weight (minus batteries), gr.



Color TFT, 128x160

Operating temperature range, oC

from -20 to +45




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